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Avo Everlasting Essentials Refreshing Mint Toothpaste

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Refreshing mint, fluoride-free toothpaste formulated with organic avocado oil and xylitolAcne safe toothpaste / avoid & clear peri-oral dermatitis AVO's Refreshing Mint Toothpaste is formulated with your oral health in mind. Formulated by dental professionals with only the highest quality of all-natural ingredients, AVO toothpaste is made with organic avocado oil and xylitol to enhance your oral care.Due to AVO’s toothpaste being 100% natural, no synthetics or colour correctors were added in formulation. The organic compound, Vanillin, comes from the natural vanilla bean flavour in AVO’s toothpaste. Vanillin, once exposed to oxygen, heat or light, darkens in colour, giving AVO’s toothpaste a natural tinted appearance. This is completely safe and harmless. Just goes to show when we state 100% Natural - we mean it! ​AVO toothp