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Jan Marini Transformation Face Cream

SKU SQ1499800


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Go beyond simple hydration with this patented growth factor, peptide and antioxidant technology for the ultimate in healing and repair to dramatically improve the appearance of aged and damaged skin.Transformation Face Cream's patented formula advances healing and repair to prevent and reduce the visible signs of aging skin while providing superb moisture. From the first application skin will appear immediately smoother with a silky softness.Texture:CreamSkin Types:NormalDryAcne-ProneSensitiveFeatures and Benefits:Advances healing and repair for significant rejuvenation benefitsHelps revitalize the skin for a firmer, more youthful appearanceImmediately leaves the skin visibly smoother and silky to the touchAntioxidants, aloe vera & beta glucan and natural extracts protect against sun damageSuperb moisturizing base for increased hydration and barrier protectionParaben-free